Project Description and Background
Our client is building a semiconductor manufacturing plant in line with the semiconductor technology development cycle and market conditions. Semiconductor manufacturing plants are normally built in unique locations and use a lot of harmful gases and chemicals. As such there is always a demand for upgrading construction quality & safety. Our client is building a semiconductor manufacturing plant that applies international standards to improve construction quality and safety. The current project is a project to build a second factory in Pyeongtaek.


• Technical field : Gas and Chemical
• Experience with 10 years or more, and bachelor’s degree

We are looking for Engineers with backgrounds in either Gas and / or Chemical Engineers.

Our main task is to provide technical quality & safety advice for infra construction of semiconductor manufacturing plants by introducing European engineers who are familiar with international standards.

IVB are looking for an organised Project Administrator to perform clerical duties on projects and assist the project team to ensure the smooth running of projects.

The Project Administrator will be responsible for updating and maintaining personnel files and records, contacting remote staff to ensure technical records are kept up to date and updated accordingly; managing office inventory and supporting other IVB staff members as required.

To be successful as a Project Administrator you must be able to multitask. A good Project Administrator has excellent attention to detail.

Project Administrator Responsibilities:
Schedule meetings and take minutes.
Order office supplies as needed.
Track project expenses.
Prepare requested documents for team members.
Conduct research for team members.
Create progress reports.

To apply please send your CV to with accompanying email or letter.

Verification Engineers and of all disciplines required to carry out desktop design review activities for multiple clients of IVB which are increasing within the quoted regions.

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