Vendor Services

The purpose of these audits (prior to Purchase Order award), is to verify that vendors and their sub-vendors appear to be capable of fulfilling the requirements of the purchase order.

  • Preparation – assess requirements of PO, create audit plan
  • Assess vendors planning procedures, capabilities control procedures, QA system
  • Establish that sub-vendors etc. have been assessed under vendors QA procedures
  • Carry out thorough review of vendors expediting and corrective action procedures
  • Establish availability of sufficient Plant/Manpower Operational capacity to satisfy PO requirements
  • Determine what quality control checks are undertaken and by whom
  • Review a typical “Final Documentation Package”

Expediting to Monitor and report on:

  • Conformance to relevant standards, codes, specifications
  • Identify/resolve bottlenecks at all levels
  • Verify and confirm all information relevant to the project
  • Evaluate progress to date and assist the vendor/subvendors to meet required delivery dates
  • Engineering/Drawing status- Materials and Accessory status-Production/Fabrication status
  • Shipping status

QA/QC Personnel

  • Providing qualified and experienced QA/QC engineers, consultants and auditors for short term ad hoc work or complete project durations.