Risk Management

IVB’s risk management service helps your business identify and manage risks for your projects, operations and the everyday business activities undertaken by your team. IVB will work with you to help minimise your risk using our extensive experience and team of specialists.

  • Risk identification
  • Risk management planning across all areas of your business and projects
  • Risk handling and management of residual risk
  • Monitoring and management of projects

Expediting to Monitor and report on:

Asset Risk Management

IVB will work closely with you to determine the unique characteristics of your operations and develop the best solutions for your assets.

Operational Risk Management

IVB will work with you to create risk awareness through transparency in, and between-business processes in order to view operational risk not as an afterthought, but as an integral part of the strategic planning, business management and enterprise risk management processes.

Project Risk Management

By choosing IVB as your strategic partner you will be able to address all relevant uncertainties and critical issues in your project. Our tailor-made solutions provide you with independent quality assurance from a reputable and trusted third party and confidence that you have chosen the right project and are executing it in the optimal way.