Inspection Services

Our global network of inspectors and engineers, alongside our customer coordinators provide peace of mind that companies are complying with the latest regulatory and quality assurance demands from conception through to final delivery.

Third Party Inspections

  • Ensuring quality of products
  • Detecting deviations from standards and design specifications early in the manufacturing cycle
  • Continual monitoring of compliance with standards, procedures and specifications
  • Provision of accurate and timely reporting
  • Supply of skilled and competent inspectors located close to our clients or their suppliers to provide cost effective on site inspection services for supply chain procurement customers
  • Manufacturers Capability Certification (MCC)
  • Vendor assessment, capability, quality, safety, calibration, capacity and resource audits
  • Production and expediting services
  • Pre-shipment, packing and goods received inspections
  • Witness of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and site commissioning tests